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Repair, Restorations, and Modifications


Do you already own an amp that you love but it’s lost its mojo?  I can help you…….

Not only do I build my own amplifiers but a lot of my business is made up from repairs, restorations, and modifications of new and old tube amplifiers.  

No job is too big to too small……whether it’s a tune up (tube replacement, bias, pot cleaning, etc.), to a more invasive project such as board repairs, capacitor replacement, socket adjustment /replacement) pot cleaning or replacement, transformer replacement etc., I can take care of it and you will be satisfied!

What sets me apart from the others? First and foremost, I do not believe in just “getting by” or “the minimum standard”. When you bring your amp to Carp Amps for repair, I will go through the entire amp and make sure that your amp is trouble free and will stay that way long after you leave. If it’s a small tweak or something that can be done within the time allotted on the job, I will not "UP" charge you. If I discover something that requires a lot of work that will lead to a big problem sooner than later, I will advise you ahead of time and let you make the decision.


“I only want to see your amp twice….once on my bench, and then then next time on stage after I’ve brought it back to being the amp you first fell in love with!”

I have a flat bench fee of $65.00 /Hr. plus parts. I will also return your old parts to you.


Here are some of the Amps  I’ve recently had the pleasure of working on:

Hot Rod Deluxe

Blues Deluxe 1965

Dual Bassman 

1966 Bassman

1972 Bassman

1966 Super Reverb




Top Hat Club Royale

Marshall 68 Plexi

Marshall JTM 45

Marshall DSL50

Marshall JCM 800

Marshall JCM2000

Valve Junior

Epiphone Galaxy

Mesa DR



1960’s Airline 62-9023A

Orange RockerVerb 50

3 Monkeys Orangetang,

Groove Tubes Soul-o 45

Matchless Clubman



Dr Z. Stangray

65 Royal Albert


And more………….