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Hey Carp,
Just wanted to let you know I put the amp to work in the past few weeks in a three-piece band setting and in the studio and it held up extremely well.  The bassist and drummer couldn't believe that that much sound and tone was coming out of that small of an amp.  They also commented on how the amp has a small tweed amp tone(the richness and creaminess) at a volume that could be heard in the mix.  Needless to say I am extremely happy with the combo.  The amp is probably the most versatile amp I have ever played.  I put my analog Tube Screamer on the amp and it becomes a whole different animal.  It goes from warm clean tones to the exact grungy non-over the top distortion I am looking for(ala Neil Young).  It's a sound that is warm enough to sing over as well as having the tonal complexities of a vintage amp.