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The 1030 Head Cabinet Demo

Brett Mikels..This is a tone demo of the Carp Amps 1030 - a seriously amazing and versatile hand-built amp by Eric Carpenter and his crew in Riverside, California. This is my personal amp. The 1x12 open back cabinet now has a Celestion Vintage 30 in it, recommended by Rick Skillman at Celestion as a (spectacular) replacement for the original Celestion Gold - thank you Rick! This was recorded late September 2012 on a Kodak Play video camera, as well as on ProTools with a Senheiser 421 placed at the speaker. Only levels were mixed, no effects used anywhere in the chain. This amp effortlessly nailed classic and requisite sounds all on it's own... Guitar, Cable, three tone knobs and the truth! (Volume, Tone, Gain) So fun and inspiring to play! The 1030 really is one of those rare amps where you can easily dial up a pure and killer tone and use pedals for what they are: effects. Pedals are not necessary as an additional pre-amp for getting a basic tone. I did another, more in-depth video found on my youtube page, www.youtube.com/vfrtheband. Additional videos on other models to come, including a signature model of my own!!! (VERY excited about that)... Stay tuned...

This is a basic and fairly in-depth demo of a Carpenter Amplifiers "1030" head through a Carp Amps single 12" open back cabinet loaded with a Celestion G12H30. It's a surprisingly loud, warm, chimey and punchy 8 watts from a single 6V6 and a single 12AX7 - hand built in Riverside, California. I made this video because there are a lot of boutique amp companies out there, as well as mainstream ones, but it's not always easy to get your hands on one. My goal is to give a broad overview of what the amp does with two different guitars at different settings. I will be doing subsequent videos highlighting the amp with pedals, as well as other Carp Amp models. This video was recorded using a Kodak Play handheld camera, a Sennheiser MD 421 on the cabinet, and an Octava large diaphragm mic at the back of the room, straight into ProTools, no effects. For more information, visit www.carpamps.com as well as www.brettmikels.com, www.vfrtheband.com, www.facebook.com/vfrtheband, or www.facebook.com/brettmikels for more information on our latest projects.

Billy Webb Jr.    This is a new Carp 1030 moonfish amp. It is 8 watts and has a 6V6 tube and a 12" Lynchback speaker by Celestion. I am really digging the rich, fat, warm tone! This is a very light rig, which is also a bonus